Conformal Mapping from the Square to the Disk

This post consists mainly of pictures relating to elliptic functions and the conformal map from a square to disk. Useful background can be found in Chamberlain Fung’s Analytical Methods for Squaring the Disc, which inspired the work here. See also the Wikipedia article Jacobi Elliptic Functions.

Figure 1. The Jacobi elliptic function cn(z,m), using the domain coloring method.
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WebGL in the real world – a short case study – Part 1

I started following WebGL a few months ago when it was in beta in several browsers.  Many creative web folks were already working with it, and some of the experiments were spectacular.  Fast forward to the present, and Google Chrome now officially supports WebGL (although your computer may not be up to it), and Google has a WebGL Experiments website.

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